Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Oh-My-Forms...Test, Grade, Give Feedback and Pass Back Assessments with Google Forms and Classroom

     Think you know forms?  You have been using Google Classroom.  You have been using Google Forms.  You may have even been using Google Forms within Google Classroom but because of recent and some not so recent changes to forms and classroom you can now easily administer, grade, give feedback and pass back a worksheet or test within the G-Suite.

     The first step is to create a quiz in google forms.  One new feature is that you can have google forms grade short answers and put in several "correct" answers such as "two" and "Two".  You can also restrict what kind of answers are allowed for instance a number or text.  
    It is also important to look at the settings for the quiz.  For a quiz that matters I like to release grades after review and turn off the check boxes.
     The key step is to attach the google form quiz to your Google Classroom post in a particular way.  Instead of posting the public share link to the form, attach the form as a document directly from your google drive.  

     One last switch to turn on in the google classroom assignment post is the "enable grade importing" button.  This enables the magic later on. 
Grade and Give Feedback
     Once students take the quiz you can go into the form, click on responses and then individual.  If you want to give specific feedback on individual quizzes you can do that.  If you want to review the short answer or other questions and assign points you can do that.  If the questions are all straightforward multiple choice you won't have to do anything at all in the form. 
Pass Back 
     Once you are ready to release the feedback, correct answers and grades go to the google classroom assignment post.  Click the import grades button and then select all students with the top checkbox and choose return.

     When students go back to the google classroom post and click on the form they will now see not only their grade but also what answers the put, which ones were right and wrong and also any feedback you have given them.
     Lastly, any grades in classroom can be imported into your Wits gradebook with a few clicks.  Magic.

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