Friday, October 20, 2017

Google Slides Add-ons and Classroom Organization

Larry’s Weekly Tech Tips
1.    Google Slides:  Check out the Add-ons menu in google slides.
  • Suggested Add-Ons
    • Peardeck:  Add slides to check for student understanding and launch Peardeck right from slides
    • Unsplash:  Access 100s of HIGH quality photos.
    • Don’t bother with Shutterstock or Adobe which require accounts for full access.  

2.   Google Classroom organization
  • Teach students to use the To-Do menu that can be found in the hamburger menu File:Hamburger icon.svg - Wikimedia Commons to see a list of work due and filter by class.

3.   Screenshots on a PC

  • Option 1: Use printscreen button and paste into a document or image editor. Google docs and MS Word both have crop options when an image is selected
  • Option 2: Use the Snipping tool, standard on Windows machines. Go to your school programs folder and find the windows accessories folder and drag the snipping tool out onto your desktop for easy access
  • Option 3: There are several chrome extensions that will snip or record anything in the chrome browser. Try these. Nimbus to snip and Screencastify to record

Those are my tips…but I have been wrong before.
Enjoy your life.
Larry Goble
Teacher assigned as Instructional Technology Coach

Williamsville Central Schools

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