Friday, September 15, 2017

Weekly Tech Tips

With our switch to the Windows 10 operating system a frequent question is, "Where is ...?"  Below are a number tips that might get you a little closer to finding...

1. Open the File Explorer Tab:  While you can right-click on the desktop and personalize the theme to add a desktop icon of "This PC" the explorer tab really has all you need.

2.  Pin to Quick Access:  On the left hand side is a list of drives and folders your PC has access to.  You can add to the Quick Access list by navigating to a folder, right-clicking and then "Pin to Quick Access"  Do this with any folder in your H: drive you frequent to save a couple of clicks

3.  Use the Search Bar:  For finding documents you can't remember where you put them.  Click into any folder or drive (Quick Access or H: Drive) and then type in a key word in the document name. will get list of files that have that word(s) in it.

Better Yet...move to online cloud storage in Google Drive where MS Office, H: Drive and File Explorer and more are found together in one place anywhere you have internet access.  

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