Friday, March 24, 2017

Google Slides...The Utility App

Google slides is my go to app.  My Utility player. A Utility player is the jack of all trades player on a the case the G Suite team.  Many assignments that are straight forward text should stick with docs and those with numbers and charts, sheets, and images, drawings, but the moment that mixed media comes into play I go to slides.  

Here is a list of some examples:
  • Create presentations (duh)
  • Insert Timer Videos (replace Smart widget)
  • Tri-fold brochures
  • Menus
  • Insert videos, gifs and images for instruction giving (
  • Insert text boxes
  • Change page-setup to 8.5x11 and use as a doc (Sample)
  • Change page-setup to 800x200 and create a header for your google classroom (sample)
  • Download as a pdf and upload to wevideo to insert as images
  • Interactive Notes:  Pass out a copy of presentation with various slides for interactive note taking, slides where students create their own meaning with words and images and drawings
  • Unit Organizer:  Hyperlink to outside resources or back to an assignment on classroom to organize
  •  Hyperslides:  Slides published as a view only but with links to learning content (videos/articles) and to classroom learning activities (classroom assignments/padlets/creation tools/digital experiments, etc)  

This list could get long but I hope you are getting the idea.  Next time you need a player, go to your utility slides.

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