Friday, January 6, 2017

Let Your Students Choose Their Own Adventure and Get Organized in Google Classroom

1.   Student Learning Activity – Choose your path Google Forms
·         Remember how much fun choose your own adventure books were.  I would try them again and again.
·         We can have students demonstrate their knowledge of a text, a science concept, a historical event/person or anything else by having them create a google form with choices which lead to different situations or outcomes.
·         Students really have to know their material in order to create the Correct path AND alternative paths.
·         Check out these samples:
                                         i.    Dichotomous Key – for 6 Kingdom classification (mine)
                                        ii.   Student created – Hernan Cortes (source)
                              iii.  En Francais (source)

2.   Google Classroom organization
·         Label work with a title that begins with a numbering system starting with the quarter (2) then a decimal and sequentially label each successive assignment. 2.1 – Motion lab, 2.2 – Persuasive essay draft.  List graded assignments the same way in wits gradebook.
·         Teach students to use the Work menu to see a list of work due and filter by class

Those are my tips…but I have been wrong before.

Enjoy your life.

Larry Goble
Teacher assigned as Instructional Technology Coach
Williamsville Central Schools

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