Friday, October 28, 2016

                   Spooktacular Tips for Halloween Week!

                     1.   Great Google Slides templates: Techy scale - 3/10
                     2.   Math Games aligned to Common Core: Techy scale - 2/10, 7th and 8th grade examples for November
                     3.   Minimize all windows on your screen to get to desktop quickly: Techy scale - 1/10
                     4.   Digital Feedback:   Techy scale - 7/10 Open all your student assignment files to correct at the same time.

1.    Slides Carnival: Find a good one…press Use and make a copy.  Enter your content.  Halloween one for Monday… Halloween Template

2.  Games and worksheets.  Search by grade K-8 or by standard.  Track students or not by importing google classrooms.  Assign to students by posting link to that game for extra practice on wits or using the post to google classroom button.  Scratch pad (student use stylus or finger to show work) and multiple choice questions
a.   7th Grade:  Solving rational equations

3.    Are you a windows hog?  Lots of open windows and tabs?  Try these keyboard shortcuts. 
a.   Minimize all windows: D
b.   Close all windows: Alt + F4, F4, F4
c.   Switch to next tab in Chrome: Ctrl + Tab, Tab, Tab
d.   Switch to next window:  ALT + Esc, Esc, Esc

4.    Digital Feedback:  If you are collecting assignments in google classroom you have likely developed your own feedback method to provide formative feedback.  It likely entails opening each assignment one by one and commenting or copying and pasting a rubric or using an add-on like doc assist.  One thing I here from Teachers is that they wish they could open all the files up at once.  The video link demonstrates how to do this, attach a rubric if you wish, complete your regular correcting methods and then press the next button to go to the next student assignment.  You even have the option of providing voice comments.   Video

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